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Rosin is a kind of natural resin, Possesses chemical activity when dissolved in many organic solvents, it's Easily softened and


Rosin is a kind of natural resin, Possesses chemical activity when dissolved in many organic solvents, it's Easily softened and oxidized. The type are Synthetic Fibers, Synthetic Resin and Plastics. And it's mainly composed of various kinds of resin acids, it can be dissolved easily in many organic solvents, and has special chemical activity. So it is an important raw material for the production of paper, coatings, inks, rubber, soaps, electronic industrial products, food grade ester gum, rosin ester resins etc. It's packing in galvanized Iron drums of about 225/230kgs net each.

Rosin is divided into: gum rosin, wood rosin, floating oil rosin. Turpentine can be divided into: turpentine, wood turpentine, sulphate turpentine.

Rosin is an important chemical raw material, widely used in various industrial sectors, mainly for the following purposes:

1,   the soap industry rosin with soda ash or caustic soda with cooking to form rosin soap. Rosin soap with great detergency, soluble in water, can dissolve grease, foam easily. Rosin is sticky, soap can not easily crack and rancidity deterioration.

2, the paper industry rosin used in the paper industry as papermaking rubber. Sodium soap of rosin with caustic soda made of rosin, namely rubber, rubber, and pulp and mixed and added alum, rosin free resin acid particles attached to the small fibers do not dissolve in water, when the pulp in the drying cylinder rolling heating rosin soften fill in between the fibers, this effect is called the "glue" or "sizing". Paper glue, you can enhance the water resistance, and prevent the penetration of ink to improve the strength and smoothness to reduce the stretching degree.

3,   the paint and coatings industry rosin soluble in various organic solvents, and easy to film, shiny, is one of the basic raw material for paint and coatings. The role of the rosin in the paint in the paint color is bright, quick drying, the film is smooth and easy to fall off.

4,   the ink industry, rosin is mainly used as printing ink chromophores, and enhance the adhesion of ink on paper. Ink without rosin, the tone of the ink will be printed as dull, vague.

5 , Adhesives industry, rosin esters and hydrogenated rosin esters for the adhesives of the basic raw material, commonly used for hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives and rubber tackifier.

6,   the rubber industry rosin used as softeners in rubber industry, increase its flexibility. Disproportionated rosin potassium soap can be used for synthesis

7   Food Industry hydrogenated rosin glyceride natural sugar gum gum, wax, vinyl acetate, etc. heated to melt, then add spices, sugar and coloring and mix thoroughly, can be made into chewing gum. In slaughter pigs in the slaughterhouse, cattle, sheep, and after hair removal machinery operation, the left in the animal body and head hair can be used by 88-94% of the molten rosin and 6-12% of cottonseed oil composed depilatory to remove.

     8, electrical, industrial preparation of rosin 35% and 65% of light oil into the insulating oil used as a protective film on the cable insulation and heat effects. Rosin and Bakelite and other artificial resins mixed phase used as the insulating varnish

     Building Materials Industry rosin is mainly used in the building materials industry for concrete foaming agent, and floor tile adhesives. Rosin is also used as a binder of vinyl chloride asbestos tile. Rosin and linseed oil, calcium carbonate, charcoal, paint with mixed manufacturing carpet tiles.

The origin of the rosin (1) gum rosin is mainly produced in China, Chinese turpentine is rich in resources, is the largest country of gum rosin production.

(2) wood rosin is mainly produced in the United States

(3) oil slick rosin from wood pulp and paper industry.


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